Full High Definition Camera NT-300HD

Full High Definition Camera NT-300HD

Project Description

The NT-300HD is the latest version of the HD endoscopic camera that delivers the sharpest picture quality. The high-resolution NT-300HD with progressing scan function provides the sharpest detail and incomparable natural color, even the smallest changes in the tissue can be identified clearly, as far as possible to assist the doctor to improve the ability to perform minimally invasive surgery.

With the latest developed image processing technology, NT-300HD develop endoscope camera system can be used for all departments. Even in the case of high sensitivity, SNR is still extremely small. By using intelligent photometry and brightness enhancement techniques, the brightness of the picture is uniform and constant, edge sharpness and depth of field are optimized, the highest sharpness and the most excellent picture quality are realized in NT-300HD system.


  •  3 1/3” 16:9 total number of Image sensors with more than 6 super effective pixels
  • High sensitivity, requiring less light and illumination
  • New image has enhanced sharpness and color
  • High anti-interference in electrosurgery
  • The flexible filter is suitable for fiberoptic endoscope
  • Full digital chain to achieve DVI-D, HDMI (1) or 3g-sd digital output
  • Up to 2.5x digital zoom and freeze function
  • Mirror, flip, rotate function
  • Full HD resolution recording and image capture (optional)


Further more, Bolang also provide other configuration cameras, please reference to “Bolang Image System Catalog“.